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Family cohesion or reunion accepted in exception to the non community citizen with relatives regularly resident

Family cohesion or reunion accepted in exception to the non community citizen with relatives regularly resident

What is it
It is an application of conversion of one's resident permit to one for family motives

Who can apply
The non community citizen who:

  • is regularly resident in Italy
  • has relationship affinity with a non community citizen regularly resident in Italy who has the requisites to apply for family reunion.

When the application can be made
The application can be made within one year of expiration of the previous permit or from the date on the stamp of entry at the border.

Which are the necessary documents

  • Form 209
  • 4 passport size photographs with a white background (to present at the moment of convocation at the Central Police Station)
  • 1 16 euro revenue stamp
  • photocopy of passport (only pages with photograph and visas)
  • receipt of payment for residence permit
  • documents which show the relationship of relations (if the documents originate from overseas they must be translated, legalized or with an apostille issued by the Italian diplomatic representative in the applicants country of origin)
  • photocopy of declaration of income of the non community relative who lives in  Italy with whom the family cohesion is being sought or the National Providence slip INPS in case of domestic work or treatment
  • certification of suitability of accommodation and of hygienic sanitary requirements

Note: for the application for the conversion of resident permit for family motives with  a non community citizen, the acknowledged refugee or acceptance for subsidiary protection it is enough to present documents which show the connection of relationship.

How to send the application
If the resident permit is in paper format the application must be presented to the Central Police Station.

If the resident permit is in electronic format, the application goes to  Authorized Post Offices.
In this case:
The person goes to a post office “Sportello amico”  and retrieves the kit for sending the application of the permit (an envelope, the form and instructions). After filling the form send the application of the resident permit and the documents.

The staff at the post office informs the person of the date when the applicant should go to the Central Police Station for the first appointment and submits the post office receipt of the application for the resident permit. This receipt is important because it shows the legality of the person in Italy.

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