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Registration at the Regional Health Service (SSR) for one who has: permit for dependent employment, seasonal, self employment, pending employment, scientific research and the EU blue Card

What it is
It is necessary to have a right to all the services of the Regional Health Service of Tuscany.
For one who has a permit for dependent employment, seasonal, self employment, or pending employment the registration to the Regional Health Service is compulsory and free.

When registration at the Regional Health Service is done
The worker must register after sending the application for the residence permit at the post office and after registering at the registrar in the Municipality.

How registration is done
The registration is done by going to the local Health Corporation (ASL) of the place of residence or where one lives. At the moment of registration the worker chooses a general practitioner, whom he could see for free.

Which are the necessary documents

  • residence permit or payment receipt of the residence permit. If the receipt is presented a temporary registration is done for a duration of one year and three months. Once the permit is obtained this would have to be presented at the ASL to complete registration.
  • fiscal code
  • self-certification of the residence to be filled at the ASL

The health card
After the registration the person would receive at home the health card which allows for the utilization of all the services of the Health Service of the Region of Tuscany.

What are the services and features of the Regional Health Service
Here listed are the basic services the Tuscan Region offers (ask at the Health Corporation where one lives)

  • have a general practitioner or pediatrician
  • free hospital treatment at public and established hospitals
  • pharmaceutical assistance
  • general medical check ups in day hospitals
  • specialist medical check ups
  • medical check ups at home
  • vaccinations
  • blood analysis…
  • medical x-rays
  • ultrasound scanning
  • medicines
  • rehabilitative assistance and for artificial limbs
  • other services provided for at essential levels of assistance

Temporary residence permit in another EU Country
It is possible to obtain health assistance in another EU Country by presenting the Italian health card. (Caution: not all free services in Italy are free in other EU countries).

For how long the registration is valid
The registration is valid until the expiration of the residence permit.
On expiration the worker has a period of six months to renew his registration by presenting to the ASL the receipt of the application for the renewal of his residence permit.

Cases whereby the registration to the Regional Health Service is suspended

  • not having renewed the residence permit
  • cancellation of residence permit
  • expulsion
  • change of region of residence

For information
Local Health Corporation

Aziende Sanitarie Locali (Toscana)

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