Visa for study or Internship

Entry to Italy for study or internship is permitted for non community citizens in possession of a passport and an entry visa for studies /internship. The visa is not necessary for citizens of certain countries: from the web site: it is possible to know if, on the bases of citizenship, the country of residence, the duration and the motive of the residence permit, it is necessary to apply for a visa for Italy.

What is the visa for study or internship
The visa for study or internship allows entry to Italy for long-term residence but for a limited period for one who wants to pursue a course of study in the university (also singles), courses of higher secondary education, courses of vocational training or do internship training.

Who can apply for a study or internship training visa

  • students above the age of 18 years who want to pursue university courses consistent with previous training in the country of origin
  • students above the age of 18 admitted to attend a course of study in an institute of higher secondary education or higher technical training
  • students between 14 and 18 years who are taking part in exchange programmes or cultural initiatives which have been authorized by the Ministry of External Affairs and Education
  • non community citizens who want to undertake activities in cooperation and development of Italian Government programmes
  • non community citizens who want to undertake activities on research advancement or higher culture
  • non community citizens above the age of 18 years who want to attend internship training (in this case the annual quota provided needs to be verified)
  • students above the age of 18 years who want to attend vocational training courses (in this case the annual quota provided needs to be verified). To find out about the organizers of courses in Tuscany which enable visas to be obtained for study, see list of the region of Tuscany.

What are the necessary documents

  • form for the application for a visa download(download form from the web site of the Ministry of the Interior)
  • 1 passport size photograph
  • travel documents in the course of validity (documents must be at least three months valid before the expiration of the visa requested) 
  • demonstration of the availability of economic resources necessary for the period of stay in Italy,(see table Ministry of the Interior), or provisions for a scholarship award for study (the sum of the scholarship for study must not be less than the sum indicated on the table)
  • health insurance for medical care and hospital treatment (insurance is not necessary in the case where the country of the student has an agreement or convention with Italy)
  • registration or preregistration for a course to pursue in Italy or demonstration of a research activity to undertake in Italy
  • availability of accommodation: hotel reservation or declaration of accomodation, presented by the Italian or non community citizen resident in Italy

Additional documents to present in the following cases:

  • university registration: consult the site of the Ministry of Education
  • vocational training courses:
    • documents on training done in country of origin 
    • registration to the course of vocational training intended to be attended (indicate duration, programme, certificates obtained etc.). The course must be organized by an authorized training body (see list of the region of Tuscany). The course must not last more than 24 months and must be aimed at the acquisition of a qualification or a certification of a high capacity. 
  • exchange programme and advancement:  registration in recognized programmes or authorized exchange/advancement/European partnership (eg Erasmus Plus) or nationals.
  • internship: documents relating to internship. Internships are realized on the bases of an agreement between the organizer and the job employer of the guest. 

Where to apply for the visa
The study visa is applied for at the Italian Embassy or Consulate in the country of origin
Contacts of Italian Embassies and Consulates oversea.

What the citizen must do after obtaining the visa
Within 8 days of entry into Italy the non community citizen must request for a resident permit. (See sheet of residence permit for study) by going to a post office “Sportello amico”.

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