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National Service Card (CNS) and digital signature - Carta nazionale dei servizi


What is it? /  Cos’è?

The National Service Charter (CNS) serves to be recognized by the public administration in online services.
It can have various formats: smart cards or wireless tokens (link a schede).

  • to use the CNS in smart card format you need a smart card reader;
  • to use the CNS in wireless token format you need the dedicated App.
A cosa serve?

What is it for? / A cosa serve?

The National Service Charter (CNS) is used to use the online services of the public administration, to obtain documents and information or to access funding.
With the CNS, unlike SPID, it is possible to digitally sign documents.

Dove lo chiedo?

Where do I ask for it? / Dove la chiedo?

You can ask for it at the Florence Chamber of Commerce.

Cosa devo fare per chiederlo?

How do I ask for it? / Come la chiedo?

To request the CNS from the Florence Chamber of Commerce, you must book an appointment and bring with you  a valid identity document (passport, Italian identity card, Italian driving license), tax code, e-mail address and a smartphone.

To book an appointment see:


Attention / Attenzione

After registering with the Business Register, the individual businessman must pay the first CNS and then request refund of the payment from the Chamber of Commerce. The first CNS is free of charge

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