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Certified e-mail (PEC) / Posta elettronica certificata


What's this? / Cos’è?

Certified electronic mail (PEC) is a type of electronic mail.
The PEC has the same legal value as a registered letter with notification of receipt

A cosa serve?

What is it for? A cosa serve?

The PEC is used to send an e-mail message and to have proof that you have sent and delivered the message.

When you send a PEC message, the mail system sends you a receipt showing that you have sent the document and it has been received.

The transmission can be considered as Certified E-mail only if you send a message from your PEC to another PEC.


Iscrizione dell’indirizzo PEC nel registro delle imprese

• all businesses must have a certified email address and register the certified email address in the Business Register;

• registration of the certified email address in the Business Register is free and can be done through the website: (digital signature is required).

• the PEC box must be in the name of the owner of the individual company or the legal representative of the company
Attention / Attenzione: If you do not have the PEC or the PEC does not work you have to pay a fine.

Cosa devo fare per chiederlo?

How do I ask for it? / Cosa devo fare per chiederla?

You must ask for the PEC from one of the PEC Managers registered in the public list held by Agid (Agenzia per l’italia digitale)

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