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Stamping and endorsement of the waste identification form / Bollatura e vidimazione del formulario di identificazione dei rifiuti


What is the identification formulary? / Cos’è il formulario di identificazione?

The waste identification formulary is a document that you must have and fill in when transporting waste.
This document must be "stamped and endorsed" before it can be used, i.e., it must be made valid.

Cosa devo fare per chiederlo?

What should I do? / Come devo fare?

You have two options:
1. Virtual endorsement (VIVIFIR): You can download the formulary already stamped and endorsed online, using the website
The owner of the company, its legal representative or another person delegated by them must:
•    Enter the website with a National Services Card (CNS), Public Digital Identity System (SPID) or Electronic Identity Card (CIE)
•    Create the formulary
•    Print 2 copies of the formulary and fill them in (at the time of transport)

2.  Paper endorsement: You can buy the formulary in a stationer's shop or online and have it stamped and endorsed at the Chamber of Commerce (in the province where your business is based) or at the Revenue Agency (throughout Italy).

•    Endorsement to the Chamber of Commerce: (Attention: This information is valid only for the Chamber of Commerce of Florence).
The request for stamping and endorsement can be made by anyone, no proxy is required and no photocopies of identity documents are required.
•    Make an appointment from the link:
•    Print and fill out the form
•    On the day of the appointment, bring the completed form and the formulary (with the first page filled in with company data) to the Chamber of Commerce desk
•    See the offices and contacts of the Florence Chamber of Commerce:

•    Endorsement to the Revenue Agency:
For information, see the Revenue Agency website


Quanto tempo serve per ottenerlo?

How long does it take to get the formulary stamped and endorsed? / Quanto tempo ci vuole per avere il formulario bollato e vidimato?

On the day of the appointment, the Florence Chamber of Commerce stamps and endorses 2 formularies immediately.
If you have more than 2 files: 2 you may take them back immediately, the rest you can leave them at the Chamber of Commerce counter and you will be contacted for collection when they are ready.


Quanto costa?

How much does it cost? / Quanto costa?

The stamping and endorsement of the formulary is free of charge.



Attention / Attenzione

Copies of the formulary must be kept for 3 years.

Per informazioni

For further information / Per altre informazioni

Stamping and Endorsement Office of the Florence Chamber of Commerce

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