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Driver's tag card / Carta tachigrafica del conducente


What is this? / Cos’è?

It is a card that you put inside the digital tachograph (the instrument that measures the speed of the vehicle, the driving times of the driver, the distance traveled).

It is a personal card.

A cosa serve?

What is for? / A cosa serve?

You must have it to drive a truck or van that has a tachograph on board.

Chi può chiederlo?

Can I request it? / Posso richiederla?

Yes, if:
• you are resident in Italy;
• you have an unexpired driving license of category above B;
• you do not have another valid driver tachograph card.

Dove lo chiedo?

Who should I ask it for? A chi devo richiederla?

You must request it from the Chamber of Commerce of the province in which you live.

Cosa devo fare per chiederlo?

How do you apply for it? / Cosa devo fare per chiederla?

  • download the Driver Card Application form from the Florence Chamber of Commerce (Camera di Commercio) website;
  • print the form, fill it in and send it together with the necessary documents (see below):
Quali documenti servono?

What are the necessary documents?  / Quali sono servono?

  • photocopy of the identity document that has not expired (passport or identity card or driving license issued in Italy);
  • photocopy of the license of category higher than B that has not expired;
    • the foreign driving license must be converted into an Italian driving license after one year that you are in Italy;
    • the non-EU driving license must be accompanied by the international driving permit, issued by the foreign state that issued the license and by the translation into Italian.
  • a passport-sized photo;
  • a photocopy of the residence permit that has not expired;
  • a photocopy of the employment contract;
  • other documents:
    • if your company makes you carry out international transport, you must present a photocopy of the driver's certificate, that is, the mandatory document issued by the Labor Inspectorate;
    • if your company allows you to carry out only national transport you must submit a declaration from your employer that says you only do national transport and a copy of your employer's identity document.
Quanto tempo serve per ottenerlo?

How long does it take to get the Driver Card after applying? / Quanto tempo serve per avere la Carta del conducente dopo aver fatto la domanda?

1 month, if the application is complete with all  the documents.

How long does the driver card last? / Quanto dura la carta del conducente?

The driver card lasts for 5 years. When it expires you can request  the renewal.

Quanto costa?

How much does it cost? / Quanto costa?

€ 37 for secretarial fees and € 3.17 if you request home delivery.

How should I pay? Come devo pagare?

Per informazioni

For further information / Per altre informazioni

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