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What is it?

Self-employment is a job where you don't have an employer.

Self-employment activities can be:

    1. business activities
(for example, craft, agricultural and trade activities);

    2. liberal professions
(for example, the professions of architect, engineer, translator, journalist, doctor).

1. Business activities

Business activities can be:

  • regulated
  • not regulated (free)

You can do a regulated business activity only if you have the qualification that Italian law requires.

Examples of regulated business activities: electrician, plumber, hairdresser.

Not regulated business activities are activities that you can do freely.

Examples of not regulated activities 

  • activities in the craft sector as a painter, photographer, framer, building worker, blacksmith, carpenter, leather worker, shoemaker, tailor, decorator;
  • activities in the fashion sector as a designer and stylist;
  • activities in the communication and marketing sectors.

2. The free professions

The liberal professions can be:

  • regulated
  • not regulated

You can do a regulated profession if you have a suitable qualification.

In some cases you must be registered in a professional register.

Per informazioni

For information

To have information to start a new business, you can contact:

• New Business Office of the Florence Chamber of Commerce

• New Businesses Office of the Municipality of Sesto Fiorentino

• Trade associations in your area


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