Regione Toscana
Simplified sheets - Financial aid - Aiuto economico

  Reduction in Tuscan public transport fares / Discount on season tickets for public transport (train, bus, tram) in Tuscany - Riduzione tariffe trasporto pubblico toscano

  School package / Financial aid for school expenses  - Pacchetto scuola

  Reduction in school canteen and transport fares / Discount on school canteen and bus fees - Riduzione tariffe mensa e trasporto scolastico

  Electricity bonus for physical discomfort / Discount on electricity bills due to illness - Bonus energia elettrica per disagio fisico

  Social bonus for economic hardship / Discount on gas, electricity and water bills for economic problems - Bonus sociale per disagio economico

  Integrative water bonus / Reimbursement of water bills - Bonus idrico integrativo

  Reduction in waste tax (TARI) / Discount on waste tax (TARI) - Riduzione tassa sui rifiuti (TARI)

  Rent bonus / Financial aid for rent - Bonus affitto

  Maternity allowance from the municipality / Municipal financial aid for mothers - Assegno di maternità del Comune

  Single and universal allowance / Financial aid for children to all families - Assegno unico e universale

  ISEE (Indicatore Situazione Economica Equivalente) - ISEE (Equivalent Economic Situation Indicator)